The Lonely Troll Book Author Lyn McConchie Norsewood NZ

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These delightful picture books feature very human characters that have adventures and experiences children can identify with. They feature a friendly Scandinavian troll Olaf, who lives in the troll capital of the southern hemisphere, Norsewood. The books have featured twice on television and are popular around New Zealand and overseas.

The first print of this book sold out in weeks and introduces Olaf as a lonely but friendly troll. Trolls are the children of nature unkempt and weather beaten. Every troll has a tail that looks like that of an animal. Olaf meets a friend in a little girl called Tui. An Auckland teacher uses this book to start the school year to create a class climate where everyone has a sense of belonging. And the main theme of the story is a teachable one: it doesn't matter what you look like, you can still be a friend.