Natural Fibre Clothing – Made in New Zealand

There’s something special about New Zealand-made clothing. The garments are manufactured using quality materials, and they’re designed for Kiwis who live and work in local conditions. No surprise that the clothes are made with care, and made to last.

We’ve selected what we consider to be the highest quality, iconic New Zealand clothing and accessories to sell to you. Our shop is full of clothes, socks and headwear for men, women, and children that guarantee the wearer superior comfort, warmth, durability and style.

We believe you deserve to choose from the best brands, whether you’re going shearing, walking the Heaphy, building a house, taking the kids to footie in winter, or shopping for a gift or souvenir for someone special.

Legendary labels

Some of the brands we stock have been around for donkeys’ years, and have won a place in the hearts of New Zealanders everywhere. We’re talking about labels such as Swanndri, Norsewear, and Manawatu Knitting Mills. Several of their products have attained legendary status, like the checked Swanndri bush shirt, the Norsewear farm-fleck socks, the MKM Classic black zip and collar jersey.

It doesn’t stop there. We carry ranges for fashion and health-conscious customers, too. Because clothing made from natural fibres always looks and feels good - quality can’t be faked. Check out the fabulous climbing petal possum and merino cardigan from Native World, for example, or the amazing health socks from LifeSocks.

We’ve chosen the best NZ-made products to proudly wear our own New Zealand Natural Clothing label, including merino layers, possum-merino blend knitwear, socks, hats, gloves, and scarves for men, women and children.

Natural fibres make the best clothes

The material that dominates most of our clothing is, of course, New Zealand wool, long recognised internationally as among the best wools in the world. Wool has outstanding insulating properties, and stays warm even when wet. The natural fibre from merino sheep, which do best in the high country, is especially light, soft, comfortable and warm.

Add into the mix the fur from the brushtail possum, an Australian import that has thrived here, with unfortunate results for our native forests and wildlife. Possum fur, it turns out, is lightweight, silky smooth, supports health through moisture wicking, and is an excellent insulator – perfect for keeping you toasty warm in hats, socks, gloves and jerseys. It is regarded as probably the world’s warmest wearable fur.

When possum fur and merino wool are spun together, magic happens. The result is a light, stable, strong, pill-retardant, low-irritant fibre that will look as good as the day you bought it for years to come. We stock a range of beautiful Possumdown products that take advantage of the superior properties of merino and possum fibres.

Possum fur = eco-fur

Your choice of possum fur helps reduce the damage that brushtail possums do to our native forests and wildlife.

New Zealand is the only place in the world that possum fibre can be harvested, so the fibre is a rare luxury commodity globally. Possum fur for the garments we stock is gathered by hand, and is sourced from reputable, humane suppliers. During the yarn manufacturing process for our new Eco Possum ranges, a percentage of the fibres remain unused. These are processed to create an exclusive eco-blend, used in these jerseys for example.

You can also buy natural fibre clothing from our retail shops

As well as our online shop, we have two retail stores – on the main road in Otaki and in Norsewood in southern Hawke’s Bay, our home base. Drop in, say gidday, and have a look around next time you’re passing through heartland New Zealand.

Prompt service

Our top-quality clothing products are backed by high standards of customer service. We offer fast delivery of your purchases – and $7 flat rate shipping to anywhere in New Zealand.


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