Norsewood Village - Where the Socks Are From

Norsewood & District Sites Map

Sites and business map of the Taraua district can be found here Illustrated by Bettina McCulloch, it has info & contact details for things to see & do while you're here.

Hovding Gallery Page

We have a new page up on the site & Facebook to show some of the art available from the Hovding Gallery based in our Norsewood store. Click here!

Trolls & Norsewood

Norsewood has rich Scandinavian heritage which it celebrates via trolls – mythological creatures which are said to populate the northern-hemisphere homeland. This troll has made its home next to the Norsewood First World War memorial.

While in Norsewood you can take the "Troll Stroll" where you go for a walk, follow clues, and try to spot all the trolls hiding under bridges or up trees....


Troll Books

These delightful picture books feature very human characters that have adventures and experiences children can identify with. They feature a friendly Scandinavian troll Olaf, who lives in the troll capital of the southern hemisphere, Norsewood. The books have featured twice on television and are popular around New Zealand and overseas. Only for sale in our Norsewood store

The Troll and the Huia

This story highlights the importance of preserving and conserving our native wildlife and the importance of calling in the professionals to help if necessary. The main characters find a strange bird in a hidden valley in the Ruahine Ranges. The Huia bird once common in the Norsewood and Dannevirke area is thought to be extinct, but this story has a more optimistic outlook.


A portion of the proceeds of this book goes to Pukaha Mount Bruce forest restoration project

The Troll's New Jersey

One of the central characters Tui, is helping Olaf . This effort also involves the assistance of the internationally recognised and local knitwear factory Norsewear. This story illustrates significant and actual locations around the Norsewood village. The cover of the book features the two main characters and also the image of a student who impressed the author and illustrator with her questions during a classroom visit.

The theme of the story is: a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

The Lonely Troll

This books first print sold out in weeks and introduces Olaf as a lonely but friendly troll. Trolls are the children of nature unkempt and weather beaten. Every troll has a tail that looks like that of an animal. Olaf meets a friend in a little girl called Tui. An Auckland teacher uses this book to start the school year to create a class climate where everyone has a sense of belonging. The theme of the story: it doesn’t matter what you look like, you can still be a friend.

The Troll and the Taniwha

This story is about a school holiday pastime common to many New Zealand children – spending time in a local creek. A taniwha persuades Olaf that learning to swim is important. Local kaumatua from the community were involved to ensure the taniwha form and behaviour were appropriate. The book is an effort to celebrate aspects of both Scandinavian and Maori culture. The theme of this story is; don’t assume because a person is disabled they can’t do something.

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For more historical information about Norsewood visit the towns website




Sock Factory

1968 Ola Rian bought the site & moved production of Norsewear Homecraft Ltd. to Norsewood after 5 years in Johnsonville. Expansion saw the site producing $10,000,000 turn over in it’s peak with ownership changing hands 3 – 4 times in later years. New Zealand Natural Clothing Ltd. (a former Norsewear brand) Took over the retail site in 2007. Kiwi Sock Company Ltd. took over production of socks / accessories etc.

The factory is producing quality garments today. Phil Grant & Julie Hedley of New Zealand Natural Clothing own the site and have expanded it into extra retail & gallery space.


Outlet Shop

We are the largest sock shop in New Zealand, come on in and see our large range of all types of sock. We have factory seconds at fantastic prices, the popular seconds are not limited to only socks, we get hats, gloves & scarves of all types come through in exclusive deals from the factory to the shop floor.

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