About Our Collection

Our collection consists of only the highest quality, iconic New Zealand clothing. We specialize in natural fibres, including merino wool and possum, that guarantee the wearer superior comfort, warmth, durability and style. With everything from shearers singlets to luxurious possum jerseys, we have something for you whether you’re working the farm, walking the Heaphy track, or wandering through Wellington.

Natural Fibre Clothing - Made in New Zealand


All New Zealand Natural Clothing, KORU, Native World and MKM Original products are made in New Zealand, from New Zealand sourced natural fibres. Together, we are out there to show that we can create luxurious garments while keeping it kiwi. By using New Zealand Merino wool and possum fur, we ensure you look good, and feel even better. The reason we keep it kiwi isn't only because we possess some of the world's best natural fibres, it's also because we know New Zealand manufacturers demand the highest quality. This means that our customers can trust that pride was taken in every step of the production process.  

Legendary labels



Some of the brands we stock have been around for donkeys’ years, and have won a place in the hearts of New Zealanders everywhere. We’re talking about labels such as Swanndri, Norsewear and MKM. These brands were pioneers in the creation of high quality natural fiber garments. Their focus is creating durable clothing for New Zealand conditions. We constantly have customers telling us stories about how they have had the same jersey for decades. A lot of them have been wearing the iconic NORSEWEAR FARM-FLECK SOCKS for that long too. If you visit our Norsewood shop, you'll find that same dedication to kitting rural New Zealand with the knitting that Norsewear started here in the 1960s.  Only now, you'll find even more quality New Zealand brands sitting alongside Norsewear. If you're interested in how Norsewear formed to put Norsewood on the map, check out this blog post.

How many brands can claim a legendary pattern like the Swanndri checked pattern? When you see that classic red and black check you know it's a Swanndri and that its up to the task. These days, classics like the CHECKED SWANNDRI BUSH SHIRT come in assorted checked patterns too.

Last but not least, our partnership with Manawatu Knitting Mills means we are stockists of New Zealand's largest knitting manufacturer. Based in Palmerston North, MKM are dedicated to that same mission of creating natural fibre products for kiwi conditions. The MKM Black ZIP AND COLLAR JERSEY has been taking kiwi blokes from the shed to the paddock, and off to the pub for years.

They've been around almost as long as number 8 wire, but these Kiwi icons continue to keep our customers warm, comfortable and safe.  

We are New Zealand's largest sock shop


Norsewood, it's where the socks are from. Norsewear socks have been world famous in New Zealand since Norsewood sock production started in the late 1960s. That same factory continues to manufacture New Zealand made socks to this day down behind our shop. That means the journey of your sock from machine to our Norsewood shop base is less than 100 metres. We will leave the extra miles up to you, and we know they'll last. 70 Mile Bush joined the production line at the same Norsewood factory where the classic Norsewear sock range has always been made. Our New Zealand Natural Clothing socks are also made there. We also have NZ Sock Company socks in-store making sure that South Island sock solutions are represented in New Zealand's largest sock shop.

At last count, we had more than 150 styles of sock available, and that's without considering different sizes. With so many socks we are sure we have the perfect sock for you and your needs. 

Natural New Zealand Fibres

The material that dominates most of our clothing is, of course, New Zealand wool. We use it because it comes from our backyard (though that fact that it has also been recognised internationally as among the best wool in the world might have something to do with it too). Wool has outstanding insulating properties, and stays warm even when wet. Merino is superior to other wool because it is especially light, soft, comfortable and warm. The natural properties of merino wool shouldn't come as a surprise when you consider it is sourced from sheep living in the harsh conditions of New Zealand's high country. New Zealand shearers need gear that is as comfortable and as hardy as the high country sheep they are shearing. That is why MKM's shearer's singlets (or tees) use the very merino wool they are often sharing are so popular. 

The other New Zealand sourced natural fibre that features heavily in our range is possum fur, though the fur is far from heavy itself. Possum fur is lightweight, silky smooth, supports health through moisture wicking, and is another excellent insulator. In fact, possum fur is so delicate that the only way to use it in clothing is to blend it with other fibres. Fortunately, when possum fur and merino wool are spun together, magic happens. The result is a light, stable, strong, low-irritant fibre that will look as good as the day you bought it for years to come. We stock a range of labels, such as Koru, that take advantage of the superior properties of merino and possum fibres.

New Zealand is the only place in the world that possum fibre can be harvested, so the fibre is a rare luxury commodity globally.

A question we are frequently faced with is whether using possum fur is ethical. This is a fair question because of trade in other animals furs that was either inhumane or put species at risk. In New Zealand, the bush-tail possum is a non-native animal introduced from Australia that has had a devastating effect on New Zealand's flora and fauna. There is always an ethical question when the killing of an animal is involved. However, possums are a species targeted for eradication regardless of whether we use their fur. We stand by it being an ethical practice because New Zealand's conservation efforts are improved by the market for possum fur through providing an income to skilled trappers. Although they are a pest, the best efforts are taken by New Zealand's possum trappers to ensure collect of furs is done in a humane manner. Possum fur for the garments we stock is gathered by hand, and is sourced from reputable, humane suppliers.

Hi-tech Clothing

Wool doesn't always come in the form of your granddad's fluffy jumper that has been around even longer than you have. A new millennium has meant new ideas, new techniques, and new ways to wear merino. Super-fine merino is spun to a thread count high enough to warrant the name. Like merino of old, it still breaths and wicks moisture away from the skin so an even temperature can be maintained. Only now, it is lighter, covers you more, and is softer on the skin. 

These qualities make super-fine merino perfect for base-layers and undergarments. Our New Zealand Natural Clothing label offers a range of garments in pure super-fine merino for men and women. More men, layers like our merino v-neck tee help maintain your body temperature in all conditions, all year around. The anti-microbial properties of the wool reduce odor, meaning the singlets make the perfect light under-layer. These properties are the same for the women's range where the likes of our reversible camisole will have you looking as good as the hi-tech merino feels.