Rebate Information

At New Zealand Natural Clothing we appreciate our repeat customers. Our way of showing our appreciation is with a 5% rebate for your next purchase every time you shop!

How does it work?

It's quite simple really. Every time you make a purchase with us, we take 5% of that sale and put it under your name. For example, if you spend $200, you will have a $10 credit to spend the next time you visit us.

This is for all purchases whether they are in Norsewood, Otaki, or online (excludes art other than Jeff Bryan pieces). Credit accrued online can be spent in-store and vice versa. 

How do I spend my credit?

In-store: If you are wanting to spend your credit in-store, it is as simple as telling our friendly staff your name. No need for another card. We keep your credit recorded for you.

Online: If you want to spend that credit online, we will need to manually add the store credit to your online account

If you don't already have an online account, please click here to create one.

Once you have created an account, or if you already have one, Contact Us to get your in-store credit loaded to your online account. 

We will manually add the store credit to your online account and your rebate will be good to go.

It can take us a couple of days to do this, but we generally do it overnight. You'll get an email notification when your rebate is available. (Please note that very recent purchases may not show in your rebate amount)

Don't forget that you accrue a further 5% rebate as you shop.

If you use your online rebate, we will add your new balance for you when processing the sale. You do nothing but see the rebate at checkout on your next online purchase.

When do my points expire?

Never! - Be in 5 days later or 5 years later, you can spend your store credit whenever you like. The only way to get that store credit down is by spending it on more quality natural fibre.

So just get shopping! We're proud to offer the healthiest, cosiest, warmest and best functioning layers for you to look after your loved ones and yourself.

We hope you enjoy making the most of our great loyalty programme.