How To Dress For Anything - clothes for all occasions

How To Dress For Anything - clothes for all occasions

Posted by Team NZNC on 27th May 2020

When you get up and dress for the day are you dressing for one purpose or for more flexibility? Dressing for any eventuality may be a bit extreme but could you go from outdoor work to a meeting over coffee? Do you have what you need for a quick dog walk over a lunch break?

Sensible preparation means that you will have what you need when you need it because it gives you more capability to say yes knowing you will be warm enough, cool enough, dressed up or down enough!

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them."
—Marc Jacobs

New Zealand Natural Clothing are devoted to making sure you have the very best quality and that you know how to wear natural fibres in a way that works for your lifestyle.

We’re going to look at the four pillars of decision, how to effectively layer, some key examples of switching looks and why being prepared matters.

What to think about when you dress for anything

I don’t know about you but when I get up to get ready for the day I think about several things that influence my decision.

Firstly, what is the weather like? Getting kitted out in shorts when it’s forecast to snow makes very little sense! Then I think about what I have planned for the day. Am I heading out to one of the shops? Is it an office day? Or am I in meetings with our accountants? Once I have the facts I need about the environment I need to prepare for, I move into the four key pillars of decision.

These are basically four big factors that matter to me when it comes to my clothing…

Will I be warm enough?

Will I be comfortable throughout the day?

Does the style make sense (I don’t want to rock socks and sandals)?

Are there any key events I need to dress for?

Some people may adore changing their outfit three times in a day to work around what they’re getting up to but I like to be ready for what’s ahead without having to dash home.

There is nothing worse than being too chilly, restricted, or out of place so I make sure to be ready so I don’t turn up at a work lunch in my running gear!

What is layering?

Layering is a very smart way to dress so that you are quite literally prepared for warm or cold weather. Basically, instead of one big thick layer you have two thin layers.

To layer effectively you need three layers;

  • Base layer: responsible for wicking moisture away from the body
  • Mid layer: to retain body heat and act as insulation
  • Shell layer: this layer is the outermost layer and allows air to circulate

Layering is really effective because of the thermal insulation two thinner layers give you. Plus you have more control over temperature regulation because you can manage your layers.

A further benefit of layering is how flexible it is for a quick change. You can go from outdoor rain to indoor comfort by removing your shell layer as easy as 1, 2, 3!

There are some disadvantages to layering as well. Firstly, some fabrics will trap moisture and make you feel cold and clammy such as cotton for example. If you’re out in the world hiking or exercising or working and you get warm and remove your shell layer, your under layers may not be as water resistant which could be a problem!

We recommend 2-3 layers because that’s all you will need! The best choice would be; a merino base, knitted jersey tunic or jacket and outer weather shell.

The Perfect three-layer mix:

From day to night NZNC style

We want you to be ready for your day from morning to night! Comfort and warmth are our top priority and I’m sure they are yours too.

If you’re working outdoors all day and coming in to supper, you want to be able to shed your shell layer and be wearing a mid layer that keeps you warm after exertion and is suitable for the table. We would recommend this Vee Neck Possum Sweater as a mid layer because it comes in tonnes of colours and is a universal style and the Extreme hoody over the top as the shell layer because it’s so comfy to wear. 

You’re at home with the kids all day and want to be snug while you play outside and conquer the household tasks but then need to throw something on to meet your partner for a dinner date. You could wear the Technical 1/2 Zip Sweater for comfort and throw on the Asymmetric Possum Merino Wool Jacket for a touch of luxury if you’re a lady and for a gentleman go for the Lightweight Wool Tee for comfort and the Plated Possum Jacket for some style!

Walking your dog and then off for lunch? You need to be kitted out for the nippy weather with something you can easily slip off for a snack worthy look when you get to the restaurant. For protection wear the Lifestyle 1/4 zip Jersey and underneath rock this Camisole or the Womens Long Sleeve Base Layer Top for the ladies and for the gents an outer layer of this Sleeveless Oilskin Vest with your mid layer being the famous Tasman.

Don’t forget accessories such as hats and gloves! It’s really important you’re bundled up when the temperature starts to drop.

Why does preparation matter?

When you have quality clothing that makes you feel secure, warm and comfortable you want to be ready for anything which is why it’s so important to layer effectively in the colder months. You want to be able to jump from indoors to outdoors without shivering because you have the shell layer, mid layer and base layer you need!

Being ready to handle any element will give you much more flexibility when it comes to what you can and can’t do. A spontaneous walk? Sure. A last minute dinner? Why not?. A romantic stroll on the beach? Be rude not to!

Going into a winters day with a shirt on and no outer layers would leave you out in the cold, do your research and get the garments that would work for your lifestyle whilst keeping you warm, dry and in a cloud of comfort.

Here are some of our top tips;

  1. Knitwear moulds to the body yet can be quite forgiving hiding the odd bulge!
  2. Possum merino jackets and jerseys are a quick warm layer that works for everyone.
  3. Eco Vest and Jacket, colourful or plain, hard wearing and a great layering combo.

If you’re looking for something specific - we’re happy to help. Keeping you warm and snug is our top priority so get in touch and let’s figure out the best layer combination for your lifestyle.

Just drop us a line in the chat box if you have any questions.