Product Information Socks

We are the largest sock shop in New Zealand - work socks, dress socks, children’s socks, boot socks, health socks, sports socks - we really are the soxsperts! We stock a wide range of socks made primarily from natural fibres such as merino wool and possum fur, which breathe and manage moisture well, apart from being warm and comfortable. These amazing materials come into their own in the tough conditions often found in the depths of a hard-working Kiwi boot!

norse-blue-01.pngWhen many Kiwis think of natural fibre socks, they picture the classic, nearly indestructible thick grey woollen socks made by Norsewear, which have achieved legendary status. In fact, our most popular range of socks by a country mile is the Norsewear brand, made by the Kiwi Sock Company in the factory in Norsewood, Tararua District that has been operating for 50 years.


Socks for all seasons and reasons

There are socks in our store for every purpose and person under the sun. Sock design and manufacture has come a long way, and is now a highly technical process involving blending natural fibres with synthetics to create socks for specific purposes.

70-mile-bush.pngThe Kiwi Sock Company’s 70 Mile Bush brand, named after the huge forest in the area that was cleared by Scandinavian settlers in the 19th century, features socks made for active, hardworking types. Exemplifying the new approach to sock engineering, the unique wilderness sock is a high-comfort item due to its blend of yarns, arch support, reinforcing, and anti-fungal treatment. It includes CoolmaxⓇ, a performance fabric engineered with special technology to wick moisture and accelerate drying, and a special yarn called ClimayarnⓇ, which is a mixture of merino wool and polypropylene. It regulates temperature, dries fast, and is machine washable. 70 Mile Bush make another specialist sock, for welders, which is fire-retardant. Amazing.

Kiwiana socks

Demonstrating the variety in the clothing ranges we love to stock, our own NZ Natural Clothing brand carries a range of pictorial Kiwiana socks, made in Norsewood. Check out the huia socks for men and women! These socks are great for yourself, and they also make wonderful presents for the family, or genuine Kiwiana gifts for expat friends and rellies overseas.

Lounging about in style

For the ultimate in stylish home foot comfort, have a look at the pom-pom lounge sock by Possumdown. Lightweight and super-warm, this double-layered slipper sock is made from a blend of possum fur and pure merino wool - the perfect gift for you or that special someone in your life who suffers from cold feet. Then there are super-soft, fluffy bed socks - how about some pink ones with polka-dots?

Sock therapy

If you’re travelling around the country, or if you’re out and about generally, drop into our retail shops in Otaki, or Norsewood, and see our large range of all types of sock for yourself, including the best-selling Norsewear range. We also have factory seconds at fantastic prices. Both shops are open 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm.