Why we love the Swanndri bush shirt

Why we love the Swanndri bush shirt

Do you have that go-to shirt that you always choose?

Is it durable, comfortable, warm and protective?

No? You need to invest in a Swannie garment!

What’s so great about swannie?

Swanndri is iconic. You can wear Swanndri clothes absolutely anywhere in the world and people know it’s a true piece of New Zealand craft.

In many ways, Swanndri is a badge of honour for us Kiwis and has been since 1913 when William Broome created water shedding garments that could handle harsh conditions.

At New Zealand Natural Clothing, we love that the Swanndri brand hasn’t changed. It has stood the test of time because of its quality and we really admire that!

Swannie is internationally synonymous with the plaid pattern. The generous cut and fit of the garments makes them one of the most popular choices for Kiwis.

One of the biggest highlights for Swanndri is how warm the pure wool keeps you - making it an ideal choice for those bitter days.

Bought in the 80's to travel the world

What do the people say?

People love Swanndri. Our customers really love that it’s ideal for the outdoors whether that is for camping in the winter, out on the boat or up in the hills.

We got really positive comments about the value for money - which we love to hear. It’s really important to us that we provide quality that lasts and that it is worth every penny spent.

One customer has wide shoulders and was really impressed by the fit and how generous it was in the armpit - we all know how uncomfortable it can be to have an ill fitting shirt!

We have so many customers who proudly boast their Swanndri bush shirts have lasted decades!

Swannie comes in a bunch of colours too, our customers really appreciate how they can express themselves while still making a choice for the elements.

Palliser Ridge Partners planting a wetland

How do they last so long?

Swanndri garments are unique because they don’t have to be washed often which protects them for longer.

The felting acts as a shield and the fabric is thick and strong wool. This means that the wool will not degenerate unless buried or left on the ground in the elements.

The cut and fit allows for easier wearing and putting on so there is less stretch and stress to the fabric.

Swanndri is pure wool and it’s the highest quality of wool - it lasts!

We had a guy in the shop just last week who has had his bush shirt for 50 years! Now if that isn’t longevity, we don’t know what is!

Owned it since 1980!

What can I put my Swannie through?

If this sounds too good to be true and you’re not quite sure what the Swannie is capable of - we have some super examples for you.

Hunters are big advocates of the bush shirt. We often see photos of proud hunters dripping with sweat from being in a wet bush environment. The Swannie wicks sweat away, keeping them dry and cool.

Farmers are another pro Swanndri group because of how versatile they are. They wear them out against the elements mending fences, herding sheep, handling the daily workload even after the frost has been. Farmers are renowned for donning a bush shirt over a shearer’s tee, shorts and wool socks with their boots, this helps them balance the temperature for a much better work day experience!

Chuck it in your car for a meeting. Brush the lint off with your hand and arrive looking suave and ready to go.

You can use it as a blanket - fancy having an impromptu picnic and feeling a bit chilly? Or sat out on your step, keeping your legs warm while the red sky runs into midnight blue.

Besides being great work shirts, Swannie is fantastic for the outdoorsy types. The campers and adventurers amongst you. This great garment will keep you warm, dry and protected from any antsy branches that are bound to smack into you throughout your travels.

We had a gentleman get into a disagreement with a chainsaw and whilst his Swanndri was damaged, he was not. Swanndri replaced his bush shirt.

Director Julie at Vintage moto

Traditionally work shirts were purely for those who were out fighting the seasons on a daily basis but whilst the old-school way of making Swanndri garments has stayed the same, the uses have grown and grown.

You can rock a Swannie bush shirt with jeans in the winter with some boots in the city or in the hills whilst winter camping.

New Zealand Natural Clothing has just what you need to wear the badge of honour as a Kiwi even if you aren’t the outdoorsy type!

Take a look at our Swanndri range here. Happy shopping!