Why Is it Important to Wear Happy Socks?

Why Is it Important to Wear Happy Socks?

"You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both." - John Wildsmith

Do you have a few pairs of socks that you prefer? The ones you always reach for? Maybe they’re your lucky socks or maybe, just maybe, they are your happy socks.

What are happy socks?

Depends who you ask. If you ask us at New Zealand Natural Clothing, it’s socks that are so comfortable that you don’t even know they’re there.

I’m sure a lot of people will agree that comfortable socks make them happy but what we are talking about is the most comfortable of all the socks… The kind of socks which hit an extreme level of comfort.

Socks that hit this level of comfort have to;

  1. Have no pinch points
  2. Keep your toes just right...not too cold and not too warm
  3. Have no restriction. I’m talking zero indentations left on your leg and your foot not feeling like it’s been cuddled by a boa constrictor.

To most of the world, comfort equals happiness. If you’re a stiletto queen who only owns stockings in the ways of foot attire then happy socks just won’t make you happy.

But we’re talking to you, the person who likes their feet to be hugged by comfort. To us, sock happiness is feeling nothing. But not in the numb cutting-off-your-blood-circulation way. Oh no. Not numb like that!

If you care about your feet (and you should) enough to own socks with natural fibre in them, then you’re part of the club and you know exactly the feeling I’m talking about.

Feet are often very low on our priority list. We think about our skin, our health, our heart… but our feet work just as hard if not harder because they carry us everywhere. hey deserve some tender loving care, some tender loving socks!

When I think happy socks I think first of happy feet…

And then I think about bright, cheerful socks with wonderfully funny motifs on them. One of the best I’ve seen to date is a pair of socks with little mushrooms all over them and it says “I’m a fun guy” (say it aloud and you’ll get the joke)...

Oh the satire!

If you’re not entirely convinced that happy socks matter, then picture this scenario…

You’re on your way to work on public transport. It’s commuter crazy hour - you know the one. You’re with all the worker bees, all in their sheep suits in the same colours. All dark hues of greys and blues. The occasional pop of a bright scarf is rare.

You’ve got the newspaper out and you’re tutting and murmuring agreement to yourself and then out of the corner of your eye...what was that? Under a dark trouser leg hidden in a pair of polished shoes...was it?

Yes there it is again...a bright yellow sock with dancing cacti all over it!

It makes a difference doesn’t it? It makes you smile or chuckle to yourself. It’s a small attempt at breaking out of your corporate get up and expressing yourself. It’s feet that are happy.

We want your feet to be happy in all footwear.

We have designed happy socks for every occasion! If you’re a gumboot aficionado and want happy socks to cheer the cows up in the morning, we have the Norsewear gumboot sock just for you.

If you’re a leather boot wearer you could opt for a mid weight sock with a cushioned sole and loose fit top - such comfort!

Heading out to an event and wearing dress shoes (that you’ve only worn a few times) pick up a pair of cushioned sole health socks to make your feet snazzy and happy!

As your footwear changes so do your feet’s needs. At New Zealand Natural Clothing, your feet will always be happy with our super selection of happy socks!

If you need some inspiration, just take a look at our collection of super comfortable and fun socks:

How are your feet going to express themselves today?  Shop the socks now!