What to Look for in a Work Jersey

What to Look for in a Work Jersey

The more things change, the more they stay the same. For all the technological innovations of the last hundred or so years the basics of the working world aren’t really that different.

Of course employment law means better conditions, paid leave and all that sort of thing, which makes for a much happier place to work. But, people still work in offices. People still work in factories. And people still farm the land.

While the work dress of the average sales exec has changed with the seasons, we’re not so sure that’s the case for those who opt for more casual attire while earning their crust.

Much like a salesperson needs a freshly pressed shirt, a farmer or labourer needs something that will serve them well come rain, shine, snow or fog.

It’s something of a cliche that the trusty woollen jersey is a staple part of the farmer’s uniform but this particularly cliche exists for a reason. And there aren’t many farmers or farm hands - young or old - who would advocate wearing anything different.

Now not all wool jerseys are the same or will be suitable for every kind of work but without doubt the trusty wool jersey is the Swiss Army knife of workwear.

A Jersey for every Job

Whatever your line of work, chances are a wool jersey will be the answer to your needs whether its warmth, durability, comfort, protection or a mixture of the lot.

Of course it comes down to what sort of work you’ll be doing, the kind of temperatures you’ll be working in and whether or not you’ll be indoors or out in the elements.

Wool jerseys are designed to work hard no matter what because that’s the nature of wool. It can keep an animal alive in extreme heat or cold and protects it from injury. Those benefits are naturally transferred to the wearer once it’s been knitted into a jersey.

Of course there is a limit to what a wool jersey will protect you from. We have customers who weld in their wool jerseys. While wool is fire retardant, we don’t recommend this.

No matter how well a jersey is made, safety gear is always the better option.

So, assuming you’re not playing with fire or handling molten metal, a wool jumper is without doubt one of the most hard wearing and best value items of clothing you can wear.

But how you spend your days will dictate which jersey is right for you. If you spend your days a top the highest hills you’re going to want something fairly different to someone who works in a hot workshop.

Because whatever you choose you want it to last. If you look after your jersey then your jersey will look after you (for advice on how to do that read our wool care tips blog).

So here’s our recommendations:.

Braving the Elements

If you’re working up in the tops of the hills, world famous Norsewear ‘Ruahine' has a technical fabric lined zip woolen jersey. The out layer is 100% wool, and synthetic wind blocker lining - this garment will stop wind from passing into you bones.

Our customers buy this in a range of jobs - surveyors, farmers, aviation contractors, builders, anybody working in the elements loves this jersey.

In a lot of cases a durable, 65% wool, 35% nylon jersey will offer you the best levels of durability while still being comfortable and warm. It’s snag and tear resistant so it can take a lot of punishment.

In Extremes

If you are going from extreme outside temperatures to inside, or getting in and out of a warm vehicle into the cold (courier drivers we’re talking to you), the ‘MKM 36.6 Tasman is the right one for you.

Available in long hoody version called ‘Extreme Tasman’ and other 36.6 garments too. This is a possum fur lines cross-bred wool outer dual layer tech knitwear.

When you’re dealing with sudden and frequent temperature changes you need something breathable that can regulate your core temperature - around 36.6 degrees - hence the name.

This garment also wicks away moisture, shedding light rain, preventing it from being absorbed. That keeps you dry. Although even in heavy rains, wool garments keep you warm, even when wet.

A kids hoodie version (‘extreme’) will be available soon and everyone at NZNC are really excited about this garment. Think about a matching outfits. One for dad and one for each for the kids. This is also ideal for the children out there who are sensitive to temperature changes...and like to let you know about it.

On the Ocean Waves

You show me a fisherman without a traditional without a fisher rib jersey and I’ll show you someone who’s been robbed. No fisherman worth his...well, fish, would be caught without this classic knit.

The Ultimate (with suede patches on shoulders and elbows) fisherman rib knit and the Northern fisherman (crew neck) have been staple garments for sailors and seafarers of all types for centuries.

As a testament to its design has been largely unchanged since its early days. Best of all, it’s still 100% NZ Woolyarns spun.

Everyday Wear

The list wouldn’t be complete without something for the average man on the street. After all who wouldn’t want to pair a nice double cuff with a fetching v-neck.

We recommend this Possom Vee Neck Jersey. A quality wool jersey is perfect for an office environment because it has all the same benefits as the heavier duty garments.

They regulate body temperature to help on those hot days or when the AC is turned up too high.

And don’t forget wool has moisture wicking and odour absorbing properties as well. Just in case you have an important meeting coming up.

To learn more about our range of wool jerseys why not check out our range here. Or to chat to a member of the team about any specific requirements you may have, get in touch.