Top 6 ways natural fibres are better than synthetic fibres

Unless you’re a naturalist (power to you) we spend a lot of time in our clothes. We invest time in selecting them and in caring for them.

We have different types for varying seasons, special work related outfits and going ‘out out’ outfits. They make practical gifts and show consideration when shared or passed down.

But what do we really know about what they’re made of?

Synthetic fibres are man made using chemical synthesis. They are manufactured using natural materials such as pine trees for viscose but they are manipulated using scientific methods to improve natural fibres.  

Natural fibres come from living organisms such as plants or animals. They have very little treatment and their natural properties are what makes them so remarkable.

At New Zealand Natural Clothing we pride ourselves on natural fibres but we also use some synthetic fibres such as nylon.

We have so much appreciation for natural fibres that we’re going to tell you the top 6 ways they beat synthetic fibres and we’re going to share some natural products along the way.

1. They’re durable

Natural fibres are able to withstand wear. They are something you invest in because it’s going to last.

Sheep wool is the fibre we turn to when we need kit for outdoor work. It’s coarse quality makes it sturdy and it doesn’t need to be blended with anything.


2. Much more eco friendly

The environment is such a driver for a lot of our decisions and it is such an important priority.

Natural fibres are more eco friendly because they don’t require the chemical treatment from large factories that use a lot of fossil fuels.

They are also biodegradable and a lot of natural fibres don’t need to be washed as frequently which is longer term support for the ecosystem.

Cotton is a great example. It’s biodegradable and much less tension on the environment than synthetic fibres can be.

3. They wick moisture away

What’s not to love about a garment that literally pulls sweat away from your skin keeping you dry and fresh?

Merino wool literally expels moisture from your body because of this quality, it needs to be washed less too which is a helping hand for the environment as well as the infinity laundry cycle!

At New Zealand Natural Clothing we use the finest merino wool of 18-20 micron to give you all the natural benefits.

Pretty amazing stuff.


4. Typically low allergenic or hypoallergenic

Skin is a funny old thing. It’s our largest organ and is part of the integumentary system. It’s responsible for protecting the inside of the body from the outside world so it’s quite important.

Some of us have skin that needs a little more TLC and natural fibres are precisely what you need.

For example;


  • Merino is low allergenic which is great because we use it in a lot of our products!
  • Alpaca is hypoallergenic because of the lack of lanolin


Alpaca is also warmer than sheep's wool, water repellent and lasts for it’s got a lot going for it.


5. They’re sustainable

Sustainability is really paramount. At New Zealand Natural Clothing we are devoted to keeping the local ecosystem secure and invest into sustainability in a hefty way.

Take possum for example. Possums are pests who are devastating the native ecosystem and culling them is critical to ensure the ecosystem’s stability.

We use possum fibre a lot because it’s silky, unfreezable and lightweight sure, but also because it plays a big role in sustainability for New Zealand.

You can read more about what a New Zealand possum is here.


6. Natural fibres = transparent production

We care.

We don’t just say we care and then do whatever is easiest anyway, we really care.

Take Swanndri for example, it is a sustainable and locally sourced option but the manufacturing happens abroad. We have a very open relationship with our suppliers and we know that there are strict conditions in place.

There isn’t a plant in New Zealand who can match the finish, however this doesn’t mean it isn’t ethical or sustainable. These values are really important to us and we want to give our customers as much information we can and sell products that are produced in a transparent way.

You can learn more about Swanndri as a brand here.

We are very proud of our natural products here at NZNC and we promise to always source the most sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly options.


Synthetic fibres have their place, we use them in our products too but ultimately natural fibres are the clear winners in our eyes.

Once you’ve worn a pure possum knit you’ll agree. Thanks for reading!

Just drop us a line in the chat box if you have any questions.