What are the best warm clothes for Winter?

Posted by Team NZNC on 21st Jan 2020

Is it chilly where you are right now? It’s always winter somewhere in the world and we want to make sure you’re prepared for it...

Did you know that just under the surface of our skin we have thermo-receptor cells that act as our body’s thermometer?

When the temperature drops, our receptors respond by making the capillaries (small blood vessels near the skin surface) minimise circulation to force our blood to focus on protecting our vital organs like our heart, lungs, kidneys and liver.

Our thermo-receptors are genetically brilliant but we think it’s best they don’t freak out every time it gets a bit chilly, which is why we recommend being as prepared as possible for the cold!

The art of layering

Layering means we can make sure we’re totally insulated in a smart prepared way. It’s pretty nifty.

Especially if you’re going in and out of warm buildings or on public transport and need to quickly (and inconspicuously) lose some layers.  

Your Base layer

The ideal base layer wicks moisture away from the skin and is a nice snug fit.

We personally like merino wool because it keeps you dry when you sweat and regulates your body temperature as you cool down. A great all-day-long choice that will keep you feeling fresh even under your layers

Your Middle layer

This is an important job to have. Not only does the middle layer act as a transporter for the moisture wicked away by your merino base layer, but this is the layer that sees the world should you stumble into a pub with a roaring fire.

Wool is a wonderful choice here because it is so durable and soft. We have a whole selection here at NZ Natural Clothing - tunics, ponchos and sweaters for women that are all really popular choices.

The mid layer traps air keeping the warmth near your body, so make sure you invest in good quality and a comfortable fit.

Your Insulation layer

This is that big old layer that gives you that extra heat when it’s freezing out. We’re talking about a chunky garment with heavy knit or even thick padding. This layer is to really keep the chill off your bones.

Your Outer layer

An oilskin jacket would be your best friend here. The beauty of the oilskin is that it acts as your outer layer - it protects you from getting soaked because of the unique oil skin qualities.

Our Waimak Oilskin jacket is lined and long sleeved.

If you aren’t the lucky owner of an oilskin jacket then you might need an outer layer to keep you safe from the elements.

This outer layer acts as your protector from the wind, rain, sleet, hail, get the idea. Keeping all your inner layers dry as a bone.

If you want a quality garment - we’d always steer you towards the oilskin. It is the best quality for weather protection on outer layers - made from Cotton Natural fibre, it lasts and it is always stylish!

What are the best fibres to keep you warm?

It’s no use going out in the elements kitted out with garments made from fibres that just don’t keep you as warm as they could.

At New Zealand Natural Clothing we are proud to source local sustainable fibres that not only feel amazing but work extra hard to give you what you really need from a layer!

Possum fur

It’s really soft and light, plus it wicks moisture away from the body keeping you dry but warm. The hollow fibre traps heat and it doesn’t freeze.

Possum fur is the ultimate choice for a snowy day where you need to keep warm without swimming in your own sweat.

Merino wool

18 to 20 micron merino is our personal favourite because it wicks moisture away so efficiently.

Merino wool is such high quality and so great at keeping us warm, that it is our choice of fibre for base layer garments!

Sheeps wool

Sheeps wool is the mainstay of woolen knitwear. It’s a great choice because of how durable it is. If you are out in the cold frequently and doing a fair bit of manual labour - your sheeps wool layer will see you through the toughest of times.

As a bonus, it's naturally water repellent which always helps when you’re battling winter.

What are the best warm clothes for winter?

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Lots of layers
  • Clothes made with good quality fibres
  • Moisture wicking capabilities
  • Heat trapping properties for maximum warmth
  • Clothes which give you maximum comfort

Now you have a baseline for when you get kitted out for winter. Make sure you stay warm and keep those receptors firing at a normal pace.

These are our top 5 picks for Winter that every closet needs;

New Zealand Natural Clothing’s Top 5 Winter Picks:

Possum blend socks

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Possum Scarves and Neckwarmers

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Merino base layers

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The Tasman Extreme

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Womens Possum zip up garments

Show me the Possum!

We’re always here if you want any assistance. If you’re local, come see us in-store, and if you’re from farther afield, you can always drop us a line in the chat box - one of our Natural Fibre experts will get back to you asap.