What are the best socks for boots?

Posted by BigCommerce on 1st Nov 2019

These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll of these days these boots are going to cause you pain because you didn’t invest in the right socks…

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it but choosing socks to protect your feet in your boots is super important. When you’re out there in the world and your boots are carrying you, you have got to be damn sure that your feet are getting the best level of comfort possible.

New Zealand Natural Clothing cares about your feet and so we’re going to walk you through the boots we’re talking about, the socks you should be thinking about and why this matters to you and us.

What boots are we talking about?

Boots come in all shapes and sizes and we aren’t just talking about work boots !

All boots do a brilliant job of getting us from A to B and some just look elegant with a winter frock!

Boots are classified by the fact that they cover the foot and ankle and often some of the lower calf. There are some boots out there that go as far as the knee or sometimes the hip!



Here are some of the boots we’re talking about;


  • Slip on boots
  • Lace up boots
  • High top lace up boots
  • Gumboots
  • Neoprene technical gumboots
  • Hiking boots
  • Ladies knee high boots
  • Steel cap boots

Heavy duty work shoes boast a protective cap and are so heavy duty that we sometimes classify them as boots.

Boots have particular characteristics, they are predominantly leather and need some wearing in which means that your feet are a little vulnerable. Particularly if we’re thinking about work boots and you’re out in the elements tackling all sorts!

Why do socks matter?

Our feet are super important. They carry us wherever we go and steer us in whichever direction we choose. They need to be looked after, which is why socks matter!

The right socks for your boots mean that you won’t get the usual struggles of painful feet or blisters.

Socks are clothes for your feet...they protect your feet from cold, injury, sunburn.

They also keep your feet dry, fight off blisters and hold back the pain that would come with going naked!

The best sock would keep your feet at an ambient temperature without them being sweaty! Wicking the excess moisture away and keeping you feeling fresh as a daisy.

How do you know if you are wearing the right socks?

If you can’t feel them because they are lovingly embracing your hardworking’ve nailed it.

What socks do you recommend?

There’s an old story about a man working in New Zealand who turned up with a whole horde of labourers vying for a work allocation. The boss came down and chose 25 odd guys to take various jobs for the day.

This man of ours got picked and the boss called him “the new Kiwi”...he hadn’t said he was a Kiwi and was quite surprised to be picked on his first day!

He was wearing his farm fleck socks and they only come from one place! The boss had picked him out of the line up for his Kiwi work ethic!

Was he a Kiwi or was he a foreigner with a great taste in socks?

The Norsewear farm fleck is definitely a go to choice. They are really popular.

Farm fleck are coarse wool knitted socks so can be quite scratchy when you first wear them but they have stood the test of time and remain one of the hardworking Kiwi’s favourite!

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Our personal favourite is the ranger premium work boot sock. This scrumptious sock is 70% merino and boasts a cushioned sole with high wicking quality.

We rate these highly for any boot!

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For ladies knee high boots, we have a comfy knee high merino sock. These only come in black but keep legs warm (but not sweaty) when you’re out strutting your stuff in your knee highs!

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Another great knee high sock popular for wearing with knee high boots is this Technical High Merino Blend Wool Boot Socks SWANNDRI … 

Gumboots rub like hell. The last thing you need is a sock letting you down and double socked feet just makes you hot and bothered!

Our gumboot socks come in a 3 pack and are the same as the ranger but with the added bonus of 20% acrylic and a longer heel plate to stop that really irritating heel rubbing!


Norsewear Gumboot Work Sock
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If you’re on the lookout for a new pair of boots, we hope you’re thinking about what socks you’re going to invest in too.

Even if you’ve been wearing work boots for years, if you haven’t found the best possible sock for your boots - we can still turn your feet around and make them fall in love with comfort even at the end of a long day!

If you’re not sure which socks to use, just pop us a message in the chat box.

We want the very best socks for your boots (and your feet).