New Zealand Kokako Bird Merino Wool Dress Sock NZNC

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Kiwiana inspired pictorial socks featuring imagery of New Zealand native flora and fauna, such as these kokako, our native saddleback, are on these socks. These make great gifts for family and friends here and overseas, because they are lightweight and low cost to post. Send us a message or choose a different delivery address to have these shipped almost anywhere in the world!

100% authentic made in Norsewood, New Zealand.

Colour - Grey

Blend / Composition - 75% Merino, 20% Nylon, 5% Lycra

OSFM One Size Fits Most

Size Guide - NZ/UK 6-10 mens = US 6-11 = Euro 38-43 = 24.5-27.3 cms = 9.6-10.75 inches
To work out a women's fit, add approximately one-and-a-half sizes. EG: Men's size 7 is approximately women's size 8.5.


The calls of the kōkako cannot be compared with those of any other bird. Haunting and evocative, they are gently paced, wistful tunes, sung in rich flute-like tones. Males and females sing duets. Within a given area, birds have their own dialect, which tends to drive away those from outside. This poses a challenge when conservation workers plan to move birds to safer environments. Calls from the home territory are sometimes played through loudspeakers in the forest, to encourage transferred kōkako to stay in the area and form pair bonds with other birds.

North Island kokako
Callaeas cinerea wilsoni

The North Island kokako subspecies is only distinguished from its former southern relative by blue wattles.  It is just holding on as the sole surviving member of the wattlebird family on New Zealand's mainland.

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