Work socks to get you through the winter

Work socks to get you through the winter

If you haven’t experienced a New Zealand winter and only know of it as the land of eternal sunshine, we do get two to three months of winter where the average temperature is 8 degrees celsius.

This may not seem that cold to those of you from parts of America or Europe but because we thrive in a warm climate most of the year our houses are built for summer weather.

Similar to Australia and South Africa, our homes just aren’t equipped!

July is our coolest month with the lowest temperatures dropping as low as -6 degrees celsius. Without central heating, you need to invest in good quality clothing to protect you from the cold and get you through to the sunshine on the other side!

The importance of socks

We’ve chatted briefly about winter in New Zealand and why it’s important to stay warm with quality items but why do socks play such a big role in our wardrobes?

Socks absorb moisture. This is particularly useful because we have 125,000 sweat glands on the bottom of each foot. Extra moisture can cause all sorts of fungal infections, so socks keep our feet safe from unnecessary harm.

When you buy a new pair of shoes you have to break them in and often will get a blister or two during this process. Socks prevent rubbing and blisters. We wouldn’t recommend you break in a pair of boots without this extra layer of comfort.

Socks keep your feet warm. Do not underestimate the effects of cold weather on your tootsies even if you have a good pair of boots on. Socks give you that cushioning, warmth and snug feeling that will keep you that much warmer. As we go into winter here, this warmth keeps our toes safe from adversaries such as frostbite too.

What are the best work socks to get you through the winter?

New Zealand Natural Clothing are Kiwi through and through so it should come as no surprise that our top ranking work socks for winter are the Norsewear Farm Fleck socks.

If you haven’t heard about the Farm Fleck, you need to know that they are the king of work socks and they have been made the same way on the same 1960s English machines at the Norsewood factory since 1968.

The Farm Fleck and associated products are the choice of many Kiwis who work in challenging climates for long hours.

Hard wearing cross bred sheep wool with 30% nylon reinforcing on the heel and toe areas, they keep your feet warm even when they are wet from crossing the creek or drenching the sheep in a muddy yard.

The Norsewear Farm Fleck is a legend and an icon. These original Norsewear socks have been in production for 50+ years, proving their popularity and status as one of Norsewear's best selling socks, used by farmers, tradesmen and women - hard workers everywhere!

Our customers rave about the quality of these socks and question how we stay in business when 3 to 6 pairs of socks can see you through a 15 to 20 year rotation which is pretty phenomenal.

Did you know that Sir Ed Hillary used the old Ragg version in his and Tenzing Norquay’s Everest climb?

But what makes these socks so fantastic?

Sheeps wool doesn’t have to be blended with anything else because it’s the master of workwear knitwear in its own right, but to give the socks more durability it’s blended with 30% nylon.

Sheeps wool is quite coarse which is what makes it the perfect partner for hard working feet, it gives you enhanced protection from bitter weather and keeps your feet dry regardless of what you might face outdoors.

The wool work sock has been around for years and the mortality rate in the trenches of the 1st world war would have been higher if not for wool socks keeping morale in deep mud and human waste.

Besides lasting years and surviving decades of progression in how they are made, the Farm Fleck socks have:

  • Elasticated top band
  • Ribbed leg for a comfortable fit
  • Reinforced heel and toe

Norsewear’s best selling sock for a reason. If you don’t have a pair, what are you waiting for?

The Farm Fleck socks are made in New Zealand and are a proud part of our working history. There’s a famous story about how a Kiwi was in Australia vying for dock work amongst his competitors. The foreman pointed at him and said ‘Hey Kiwi, you’re with us today’. Later the Kiwi asked the foreman how he knew he was from New Zealand and the foreman said that his Farm Fleck socks gave it away and gave him a job for the day.

It’s clear that Farm Fleck are the work socks to get you through the winter so whether you’re a farmer, like to hike or want to keep your feet warm in bed - these are the best choice for you.

If you want something softer and a little more luxurious, Farm Fleck socks are not what you need.

We want you to invest in socks that work for your lifestyle, so if you aren’t sure, get in touch and we will be happy to help you find the best winter socks for you.

If however its work socks you’re after, we would highly recommend the Norsewear Farm Fleck.

And if you’re wondering where all the missing socks go, here’s three theories for you!