7 reasons we love possum fibre

7 reasons we love possum fibre

Posted by Team NZNC on 20th Oct 2020

Possums give us something really special - their fur. Possum fibre is a favourite at New Zealand Natural Clothing because of its characteristics and what it does for our local ecosystem.


Possums aren’t originally native to New Zealand but we are now overrun with them which means a fantastic supply of fibre for quality garments!


But why do we love possum fibre so much?


First we’ll introduce you to the possum and then we’ll give you 7 reasons why their fibre is so great.


What are possums?

Possums were ferried over to New Zealand in the 1800s to hype up the fur trade. The second migration went so well that there is now an overpopulation of the buggers roaming our beautiful island.


Possums are;


  • Typically between 65cm and 95cm in length
  • Usually between 1.5 to 5 kg in weight
  • Either one of three colour forms; grey, brown and black
  • Between 10-20 animals to accumulate 1kg of the fibre
  • Nocturnal animals (marsupial)
  • Genus Trichosurus vulpecula, from the Greek for "furry tailed" and the Latin for "little fox"
  • Often found really densely in forests but are fairly widespread across New Zealand now. It’s not uncommon to have them floating about your trash can eating your rose garden or jumping on the roof of your house.


We’ve got a fabulous blog that will tell you everything you want to know about possums here.


Bed Sock Dots

Why do we love possum fibre?

We have 7 reasons why we love possum fibre and as a bonus we’re going to share some of our favourite possum products too!

1. Possum fibre is silky

There is nothing quite like a garment that feels luxurious. There are fewer fibres softer than this hollow fibre!


2. It’s unfreezable

No really. It doesn’t freeze.


The only other fibre that doesn’t freeze is polar bear fur. This is because of the hollow hair structure which traps warmth and acts as an insulator.


3. Possum fibre blends well

Possum blends with other fibres really well and together produce something wonderful.


For example if you mix possum fibre and merino wool you get a low pill anti static garment.


4. Really lightweight

Thanks to the unique hollow composition of possum fibre it's really light. With possum fibre you get a very warm garment that is easy to wear because of how lightweight it is.


5. Odour resistant

Nobody likes smelly.


Possum fur takes moisture away from the body rather than trapping it and making you sweat.


6. Possum fibre means less possums

Here in New Zealand possums are pests. Culling them for their luscious fur helps us to manage our major pest problem.


This protects our native species, keeps our raw materials local and creates some beautiful quality garments. The New Zealand government want eradication by 2050 the NZ Fur council wish them luck as they are in some very remote places and hard to get.


7. It’s all natural

Probably the most important aspect of possum fibre is that it’s natural. It’s a natural fibre that has great properties for us consumers.


Products made from possum fibre

We now know how warm, silky, odour resistant and lightweight possum fibre is.


We know it blends remarkably well and helps us balance our ecosystem in New Zealand.


Here are some of our favourite possum products:


2020 has seen a massive rise in sales of the MKM 36.6 Range of possum lined garments and accessories.

Why? Warm, durable, breathable, great for work and play

Sold out

We have a huge range of possum accessories such as, Ponchos, wraps, hats, gloves , scarves, leg and arm warmers knitted with blends of possum merino silk.

To add individuality and the luxury look; possum fur trims are added to some of these, you must agree they look great!

Mocha/Snowtip Fur Trim Scarf

Sold out

The look of your home will be enhanced with these possum merino blend throws and blankets.

We like to have one on the couch for snuggling or at the end of the bed to complete the look of the room and to pull up when the need is there for superior warmth.

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Our range of socks is the biggest on show in NZ our Norsewood store has 100m2 of floor area just for socks. About 20% of these Socks have a possum content.

Again the warmth of the trapped heat in the hollow possum fibre is a favourite of many of our customers. They love having toastie toes and being comfortable out in the elements.

Mocha/Snowtip Fur Trim Scarf

Sold out


What possum item will you be adding to your wardrobe?


If you have any questions about which products would work for your lifestyle, get in touch! We love chatting and getting to know our customers.

Just drop us a line in the chat box
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