Jeff Bryan/Hovding Gallery


Jeff Bryan – Master Carver

Jeff Bryan is a trained/qualified master carver able to bring his talents to a multitude of applications. Equally comfortable in working with both traditional and contemporary designs, Jeff often draws influence from both Maori and Celtic techniques and imagery. With heritage from both sides, Jeff carves fusion pieces as unique as the man himself. In additional to the works found in the Hovding Gallery, Jeff dedicates a considerable share of his time to commission pieces.

Whatever your needs may be, Jeff’s talent is sure to create a treasured gift, taonga or remembrance piece. Previous commission pieces include birthday celebrations, farm signs, plaques, and weaponry all personalised.

His main source of media is River Totara and recycled Totara strainers and posts from sheep stations by the coast. The presence of weathering, moss and wire gate dog hardware bring originality to these fantastic works. Jeff joined the Hovding Gallery and New Zealand Natural Clothing team in 2012 after he was commissioned to create the unique multi-directional Totara sign which sits proudly outside our Norsewood South site.

Jeff's designs are also available in our range of pendants.

Contact Jeff Bryan to inquire about unique commissioned works.

Cell 0278920734

Shop 06 3740897

The Hovding Gallery – Bringing exposure to talented local artists since 2011

When the Hovding Gallery opened in December 2011, another major step was made in the redevelopment of the New Zealand Natural Clothing site and Norsewood as a whole. Two of the old Norsewear boardrooms have been transformed into an easily accessible exhibition space.

With work by artists from around the Tararua and Hawkes Bay regions, the Hovding Gallery ensures that local fine art can be seen by all – and purchased to take home!

Entrance to the Hovding Gallery is through the New Zealand Natural Clothing store.


Jeff is in splendid company at the Hovding Gallery, surrounded by works from talented artists including;

  • Janice Klinkhamer – JK ART
  • Karl Scott
  • Joe Dodunski
  • Joshua Wilson
  • Vanissa Robson
  • Heather Newland
  • Francie Toomey
  • … and more

If you are interested in exhibiting your work in the Hovding Gallery, please contact Phil Grant via