"Woolly Capers" Do the anti wool lobbyists have a case?

"Woolly Capers" Do the anti wool lobbyists have a case?

Woolly Capers

There is an anti wool lobby movement that is getting more press than most and they are they are only telling one side of the story and to me, they are so misinformed it makes my blood boil a little!

The concern to them is the human handling of the millions of sheep shorn in New Zealand each year. This group does not mention the “lovely” people that farm them, “the carers” that bring them into the yards and give them anti parasite/disease drenches, check/remove fly strike and a footrot check, the “Precision professionals on the board” that shear them and send them back to a fresh paddock with water and shelter happy to have the oven (wool) that was on their backs removed.

I was contacted by a concerned customer last week about the treatment of Sheep in the shearing process and I felt I should share my response.

Here we go…

Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2018 10:28 AM

To: Phil Grant

Subject: Re: Proud to be Kiwi

Hi Phil. I absolutely love possum merino. But for some reason last night, I started looking up the treatment of animals for wool. I know the possums are a pest. But I never really thought about the treatment of the sheep. Just assumed it was ok. Now I'm starting to wonder after seeing things on the internet. I'm starting to feel guilty about all the wool products I own.

NZ Based Customer (urban)

And now for my response

Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2018 11:22 AM (or whatever)

To: Wool worried customer

Subject: Re: Re: Proud to be Kiwi

From me;

Thank you for emailing,

It is easy to believe the internet and I would suggest as a minimum 50% is propaganda or false.

I am a sheep farmers son, I have 12 sheep, our Master carver artist is also a sheep shearer and we say it is inhumane to leave wool on the sheep too long. Why? They fret and lose condition. They gain weight and are much happier after shearing. (think leaping lambs when you count sheep to go to sleep, they walk into the yard laden and spring out of the yard many kilos lighter.)

Wool is by far the best fibre for cooler temperatures, the carbon footprint that goes into making synthetics is not published anywhere and is as green as rocket fuel!

Sheep and all fibre producing animals are very well cared for in New Zealand in my opinion.

Here is the thing, shearers do not work alone and farmers are always watching the processes. They see the sheep shorn and manage issues with the shearing contractors instantly. It is very counterproductive to have unhappy sheep! 

Possums destroy 22000 tonnes of Native forest in NZ every night (that's all I will say about that).

I am very comfortable, selling and promoting wool and natural fibre as the people we buy from have ethics and so do we.

I hope you can see through the sensationalism and be comfortable that when crimes against animals are found, they are handled severely in NZ.


Phil Grant

Here is a cool “Woolmark” brochure from the 70’s and nothing has changed!

OK, I know I went on a bit in my reply to her! That is how passionate I am, and at the same time I am disappointed. Disappointed that media and web sensationalism is affecting our perceptions of day to day processes and actions that are totally innocent, controlled and a way of life for many.

I think I am preaching to the converted here, as NZ Natural Clothing customers/followers generally know the value of wool as you have shopped with us or have been brought up around agriculture and love;

New Zealand Natural Clothing, Norsewear, Swanndri,  Native World, Koru, Possumdown, MKM Originals etc etc.

Please be comfortable in your woolen products, they have been crafted from fibre removed by people that care and rely on it.

Thanks for reading!

Kind Regards

Phil Grant

New Zealand Natural Clothing Ltd