Surprised Winner from a pop up

Surprised Winner from a pop up

We decided to send an email out to any address we had but had no name connected. How could we have an email and no name??? Pop Ups, you know that annoying little box that offers you a discount or a dont go away message! Well that is how we did this draw.

We sent out a, "tell us your name" email and we will put you in the draw for a $500 store credit!

We drew Georgia from Onga Onga, that is just up the road from Norsewood, pretty amazing from all of those international and national customers in the draw. 

Here she is shopping up a storm last week!

You can tell she is pretty stoked, so we know Georgia will have a different view of those annoying little pop ups for the next while!

You should keep an eye on your email to go in the November NZNC store Credit competition.

$500 Store Credit winner Georgia